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Nowadays the books have become very costly and dearer and as such it has become difficult for most of the book-lovers to read useful, popular and famous books; moreover the educative and informative standard encyclopedias have become very expensive. As such we offer the most educative, informative and useful, standard and authentic, 100 encyclopedias, 5 dictionaries and 55 other books as e-books as one set for one price.


1. Encyclopedia of Cancer: A Guide to Cancer and its Treatments (This e-book contains 1451 printable pages.)


2. Encyclopedia of Woman's Health (This e-book contains 717 printable pages )


3. Encyclopedia of Phobias, Fears, and Anxieties (This e-book contains 643 printable pages)


4. Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Secrets (This e-book contains 201 printable pages)


5. Encyclopedia of Birds – 6 volumes (This book contains 1067 printable pages)


6.Encyclopedia of World Cultures – 19 Volumes ( The encyclopedia contains 4262 pages)


7. Encyclopedia of World Constitutions (This e-book contains 1083 printable pages.)


8. Dictionary for Information Technology (This e-book contains 225 printable pages )


9. Encyclopedia of Poverty (This e-book contains all the 3 volumes in 1540 pages )


10. Encyclopedia of Earthquakes and Volcanoes (This e-book containing 365 printable )


11. Encyclopedia of Motherhood (This e-book consists 1478 pages)


12. Encyclopedia of Language and Education – 10 Volumes (This encyclopedia contains 3881 pages)


13. Encyclopedia of Food Culture – 3 Volumes (This e-book contains 2057 pages)


14. Encyclopedia on Animal Sciences (This e-book contains 240 printable pages with a lot of pictures and graphs towards exhaustive educational presentation)


15. Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition – 4 Volumes (This e-book contains 2167 printable pages)


16. Pictorial English Dictionary (This e-book consists of 414 printable pages)


17. The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fortune Telling (This e-book contains 213  pages)


18. Encyclopedia of World Religions (This e-book contains 1234  pages)


19. First Children’s Encyclopedia (This e-book contains in 306  pages)


20. Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology (This e-book contains 209 pages)


21.  Concise Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioural Science (This e-book contains 1121  pages)


22. Encyclopedia of Management (This e-book contains 1028 pages)


23. Encyclopedia of Bio-ethics (This e-book contains 3145  pages)


24. Concise Encyclopedia of Languages of the World (This book contains 1320  pages)


25. Concise Focal Encyclopedia of Photography and Photographic Possibilities (This e-book contains 662 pages)


26. Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists (This e-book contains 873 pages)


27. Dictionary of Phonetics and Phonology (This e-book contains 246 pages)


28. Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management (This e-book contains 976 pages)


29. Encyclopedia of Modern Optics (This e-book contains very-much content-oriented 2285 pages )

30. Encyclopedia of Surgery (This e-book contains 569 pages.)

31. International Dictionary of Psychoanalysis (This e-book contains 2355 printable pages)

32. Illustrated Stitch Encyclopedia

33. Dictionary of Engineering (This e-book contains 655 pages)


34. Dictionary of Mathematics (This e-book contains 316 pages)


35. Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family (This e-book contains 1963 printable pages)

36. Encyclopedia of Trauma and Traumatic Stress Disorders (This book contains 400 printable pages.)

37. Encyclopedia on Plant Sciences (This encyclopedia contains 833 pages)


38. Encyclopedia of Re-incarnation and Karma (This e-book contains 323 pages)


39. Encyclopedia of Human Body for Children (This e-book contains 124 printable pages)


40. Encyclopedia of Separation Science – 10 Volumes (This e-book contains 4927 printable pages)

41. Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Pre-History (This e-book contains very useful 1656 pages)


42. English Idioms in Use (This e-book contains 190 pages and while preparing this e-book a little bit clarity is lost)

43. Encyclopedia of Body Building (This e-book contains 26 chapters and 528 pages)


44. Encyclopedia of the Solar System (This e-book contains 987 pages)


45. Encyclopedia of Social Psychology


46. Encyclopedia of Nature


47. Encyclopedia of Endangered Species, (3 Vols Set) (This e-book contains 934 pages)


48. Dictionary of Sports and Games Terminology (This e-book contains 180 pages)


49. Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences (6 Volume Set) (This e-book contains 3551 pages)


50. Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy: Based on the International Nomenclature (This e-book contains 510 pages)


51. The Encyclopedia of Kidnappings (This e-book contains 373 pages)


52. Encyclopedia of Islam & the Muslim World (This e-book contains 874  pages)

53. Encyclopedia of Terrorism (This e-book contains 512 pages)

54. Encyclopedia of Pain (This e-book contains 2803 pages)

55. Encyclopedia of World History - 5 Volumes (This encyclopedia contains 503 pages)


56. Encyclopedia of Hindu Puranic (This encyclopedia consists of 938 pages)

57. Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance - 5-Volumes (This e-book contains 3776 pages)

58. Encyclopedia of Sciences - 10 Volumes (This encyclopedia contains 615 pages)

59.Encyclopedia of Animal Life – Mammals - 4 Volumes (This e-book contains 1909 pages)


60. Encyclopedia of Astrology (This e-book, contains 347 pages)


61. Encyclopedia of Sewing Machine Techniques (This e-book contains 340 pages)


 62.  Encyclopedia of Evolution (This e-book contains 487 pages)


63. Encyclopedia of Women’s Reproductive Cancer (This e-book contains 321 pages)


64.Encyclopedia of Plant Life - 4 Volumes (This e-book very valuable for botany students consists of useful 1401 pages)


65.Life on Earth: An Encyclopedia of Bio-diversity, Ecology and Evolution (This e-book contains 810 pages)


66.Encyclopedia of Mythology (This e-book contains 479 pages)


67.   Encyclopedia of Insects (This e-book contains 1295 pages)


68. Encyclopedia of Hormones (This e-book contains very useful 2120 pages)


69.Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life (This e-book contains 2812 pages)


70.Encyclopedia of Fishes (This e-book contains 475 pages)


71.Encyclopedia of Internet - Volume-1 ( This first volume e-book contains 881 pages)


72.Encyclopedia Careers Discovery  (This e-book contains 1586 pages)


73.Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Pre-Historic Animals (This book contains 313 pages)


74.Encyclopedia of Space and Astronomy (This e-book contains 753 pages)


75.Encyclopedia of Stress (This e-book contains 907 pages)


76.  Environmental Encyclopedia (This vast e-book contains 1675 pages)


77.  Encyclopedia of Communication and Information - 3 Volumes (This vast e-book contains 1186 pages)


78.   Encyclopedia of Historic Places (This vast e-book contains 1538 pages)


79.  Visual Encyclopedia one Millions things (This wonderful graphical encyclopedia consists of 308 pages with full of beautifully expressed pictures with explanations)


80. Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol and Addictive Behaviour (This e book contains 1919 printable pages)


81.Encyclopedia of Perception (This e-book contains 1228 pages)

82. Encyclopedia of Sleep and Sleep Disorders (This e-book contains 369 pages)

83. Encyclopedia of World Scientists (This e-book contains 869 pages)

84 Encyclopedia of Politics: The Left and the Right - 2 volumes (This e-book contains 1056 pages)


85. Encyclopedia of Astronomy (This e-book contains 465 pages)


86. Encyclopedia of Poets and Poetics (This e-book contains 1426 pages)


87. Encyclopedia of World Sport - 4 Volumes (This e-book contains 477 pages)


88. Encyclopedia of Scientific Principles, Laws and Theories -2 Volumes  (This e-book consists of 2 volumes and 965 pages)


89.Encyclopedia of World Religions (This e-book contains 1234 pages)


90. Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Photography - 3 Volumes (This e-book contains 1849 pages)


91. Encyclopedia of Child Development (This e-book contains 684 pages)


92. Encyclopedia of Animal Behaviour (This e-book contains 130 pages)


93. Encyclopedia of Death and the Human Experience (This e-book contains 1160 pages)


94. Encyclopedia of the World's Nations and Culture (This e-book contains 2816 pages)


95. Encyclopedia of Women's Health (This e-book contains 792 pages)


96. Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft, and Wicca (This e-book contains 436 pages)


97. Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms (This e-book of dictionary contains 560 pages)


98. Encyclopedia of Weather and Climate (This e-book, containing 825 pages)


99. Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual Development (This e-book contains 549 pages)


100. Encyclopedia of Time: Science, Philosophy, Theology, & Culture - Three Volume Set

(This e-book contains 1632 pages)


101. Illustrated Family Encyclopedia - 2 Volumes Set (This e-book contains 926 pages)


102. A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy : Sanskrit Terms defined in English (This e-book contains 404 pages)



103. Encyclopedia of Religious Practices - 3 Volumes Set (This e-book contains 1966 pages)


104. International Encyclopedia of Human Geography -12 Volumes  (This e-book contains 8250 pages)


105. Encyclopedia Of Children's Health: Infancy Through Adolescence – 4 Volumes Set (This e-book contains 2000 pages)



Bonus: Other Books


1. Prophecies of Notrodamus (This e-book contains 288 printable pages)


2. Hand book on Communication Skills (This e-book contains 77 printable pages)


3. Art of Hypnotism. (This e-book contains 371 printable pages with full of useful contents)


4.Constitution of India (This e-book contains 220 printable pages)

5.Fifty Self Defense Tips For Women (Booklet) (This e-booklet contains 34 pages)


6. Indian Accounting Standards (This standard e-book contains 921 pages)


7. Know about Cricket and its Rules, World Records & History (This e-book contains 1023 pages)


8. Book of Magical Secrets (This e-book contains 507 pages)


9. New Age of Indian Banking (This book contains 19 chapters, in 377 printable pages)


19. Great Lives from History: Inventors and Inventions (This e-book contains 1416 printable pages)


11. Secrets of Occult Science (This e-book contains 398 pages)


12. Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy (This e-book contains 510 printable pages)


13. 100 Strangest Mysteries (This e-book contains 213 printable pages)

14. The Pursuit of Excellence through Education

15. Science of Every-day things - 4 volumes (This e-book contains 1617 pages)

16. Animal Domestication and Behaviour (This e-book contains 308 printable pages)


17. Complete Hypnotism, mesmerism and mind-reading (This e-book contains 70 pages)


18. The Art of Public Speaking (This useful book contains 467 pages)


19. Essential Visual History of World Mythology (This e-book contains 481 pages)


20. Secrets of Hypnotism and Mesmerism (This e-book contains 427 pages)


21. Time Trap : a Classic Book on Time Management (This e-book contains 321 pages)


22. Fundamentals of Risk Management (This e-book contains 385 pages)


23. How to Build Successful Business Relationship (This e-book contains 191 pages)


24. Handbook of Human Resource Management (This e-book contains 674 pages)


25. Leadership - Essential of Manager (This e-book contains 76 pages)


26. Knowledge Management Strategies for Business Development (This e-book contains 446 pages)


27. Decision Making – a Pocket Book (This e-book contains 112 pages)


28. 22 Powerful Tools to transform Your Fear into Happiness, Peace and Inspiration (This e-book contains 60 full of useful and content pages)


28.The Human Body: An Introduction to Structure and Function (This e-book contains 722 pages)


29.Self Learning of Microsoft Office Word 2007 (This e-book contains 100 pages)


30.Self Learning of Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (This e-book contains 135 pages)


31.Strategic Management (This e-book contains 121 pages)


32.Strategic Financial Management  (This e-book contains 109 pages)



33.Bhagavad Gita by Sri Swami Sivananda (This ebook contains 82 printable pages)


34.Yoga as a Science (This e-book contains 1213 printable pages)


35.Meditation: the concept and purpose (This e-book contains 364 printable pages)


36.Yoga Sastra

37. Deep Meditation Course


38.108 Upanishads (This e-book, containing 508 printable pages)

39. Four Vedas – the Hymns in English Translation (This e-book contains 1446 printable pages)


40. Encyclopedia of Christian saints


41. Comparative Studies of all Religions in Islamic point of view (This e-book contains 96 printable pages)


42. Patanjali Yoga Sutras commentary by Swami Vivekananda (This e-book contains 143 pages)


43. Dictionary of Islam : Being a Cyclopaedia of the Doctrines, Rites, 

      Ceremonies and Customs (This e-book contains 772 pages)


44. Introduction to Kundalini Yoga (This e-book contains 111 pages)

45. Astronomy – A Self Teaching Guide (This e-book contains 391 pages)

46. Atlas of the Universe (This e-book contains 289 pages)


47. The Earth and the Moon (This e-book contains 327 pages)


48. Space and Astronomy a scientific Guide


49. Guide to the Universe: Stars and Galaxies

50. Planetary Sciences (This e-book contains 558 pages)


51. The Milky way and its beyond (This e-book contains 219 pages)


52. An Introduction to Modern Cosmology (This e-book contains 332 pages.)


53. Fundamentals of Cosmology (This e-book contains 332 pages.)


54.. Introduction to Planetary Science – the Geographical perspective ( The e-book contains 532 pages.)

55. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D.Wattles (This e-book contains 80 printable pages.)



Note: All the above-mentioned e-books will be supplied in a set of DVD-CDs.